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Your challenges are complexOur solutions are simple

See clearer

Our software integrates with the biggest CRM and marketing automation solutions, giving you a clear view of your full funnel. That means rapier-sharp targeting.

It goes both ways

We send out highly targeted ads, we get meaningful insights to refine the campaign.

Always relevant

Data is synched daily so that changes made today are seen tomorrow.

A new way to work for B2B

Our prospecting and targeting methods has reinvented the way B2B targeting works.

Target with intent

We have a datagragh of 1.2 billion digital profiles to map your targets precisely.

Double up

We have the world’s largest opt-in intent data and robust email and cookie data. When you combine the data you already have about your customers and prospects with ours, results grow exponentially.

Be precise

Choose an attribute from any of your data sets and we can target that precise audience, across channels, devices and locations.

Better technology = better results for you

You focus on what you do best while our technology does what it’s best at: talking to your leads

BIDIQ™ – the smart way to bid

Our AI solution constantly improves your bidding, ad optimisation and targeting, giving you 5x ROI of alternative platforms.

Be dynamic, be relevant

Show your customers messaging that is relevant to them based on where they are in your marketing funnel.

API automation

Our API allows for full automation, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Proven success

At Dot Network we only do what we can measure. Our advanced reporting shows the precise impact the campaign is having at an account and contact level.

View reports in your systems

Gain a better understanding of the customer journey by viewing your campaign performance directly from within your CRM or marketing automation systems.

Go deeper into details

Our reporting goes deep into each account, down to the performance data for individual contacts at specific sales stage levels. Connect Dot Network with your existing systems and you get a clear view of your entire sales funnel.

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