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Let’s grow your business

By integrating your CRM and marketing automation data with Dot Network’s technology, we can find your audiences, expand them and convert them – faster.

Quality contacts

With Dot Network, we can find only the people you want to talk to. We drive retention and acquisition simultaneously with customers and sales channels. Our laser-like precision when it comes to targeting means you can speak to a person, not an account.

We can also locate and cross-sell to new contacts within a company.

The right message

We’ll tailor your messaging based on the role of your target, their work sector, and where they are in your sales funnel so that the message is relevant and resonates with them. Constant optimisation means that campaigns are always performing at their best.

You’ll be able to reach targets wherever they are: desktop, mobile, social, office and home – not just in their inboxes.

Faster conversions

With Dot Network you can make stronger connections with ads based on role, lead score, opportunity stage and more.

You’ll be able to upsell existing customers or sales channels with personalised messaging and new products.

Reduced wastage

Content and ads are only served against the right people, not against devices on the internet in general. This ensures right-client only reach and awareness.

Our transparent funnel reporting shows exactly what’s working so success can be replicated.

See how we can help you reach B2B, asset management and IT audiences

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