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First-party data is information that you have collected about your own audience, such as demographics and spending behaviour. Second-party data is provided by other suppliers and partners, and third-party data is based on public records, such as deed information and credit records.

Yes. We are enabled to enrich your first-party data with second- and third-party data to extend the campaign reach.

The type of creative required depends on the platform where the messaging will appear. See the full list of media specifications.

Yes. We have a full creative studio and can produce campaign concepts, messaging and all creative elements, as well as landing pages.

We can provide tags for you to implement, but for comprehensive reporting, we request access to your site’s analytics.

We provide full comprehensive reporting from campaign delivery, conversions, search lift, metrics and all other relevant digital deliverables.

Ads can be measured through all standard metrics that are typically used in media buying (e.g. CPC, CPM, CPI etc.). Third party tracking can be deployed from most servers.

We do full attribution by last click, as well as view-through, which is when a user sees an ad, doesn’t click on it, but visits the website later.

Matching unknown audiences takes approximately 2 weeks. Campaign loading can take from 1 hour to 2 days, depending on the intricacies of it. There is a 48-hour approval time of messaging across the 500 DSPs we use.

This software purchases media and inventory through automated advertising. We use numerous DSPs.

Dot Network uses the latest technology, developed by world-leaders.

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We have minimum spends depending on audience size and location and  recommend that campaigns run over a 3-month period to reach the entire audience. This does not require a million dollars.

Yes. This technology drives people to platforms where they can access your products and services. The algorithms that optimise the campaigns work on information available on your site and how the user engages with it. If you need a website, please get in touch with us as we have a full service digital creative and tech studio.  

Dot Network is a fully managed service with a wealth of experience in campaign management, analysis and data research.

Programmatic advertising uses software that ensures that the right person receives the right message at the right time. It allows advertisers to buy space on the most efficient platform at the optimal price.

It is software that accumulates and aggregates data about audience segments and the customer journey.

RTB is an auction-based mechanism that allows media buyers to bid on advertising impressions in real time. Using it, media buyers can buy impressions that match their goals.

Amorphous Stride, which owns Dot Network, is a level 2 B-BBEE company, so clients get 137% preferential procurement points.

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