Big data on the move

We have a database of over 25 million financially active South Africans, and we can target them based on where they live, their age, gender and language, as well as whether they own a car or home. Our unique geo-targeting technology sends them SMS, MMS and email messaging, or targets them with banner advertising.

Case study: Test driving the neighbourhood

Not everyone has room in their budget for a luxury Swedish car, but we found those who did and let them know that there was a Volvo dealership around the corner that wanted to take them for a test drive – and drop the VAT on any sales made within a two-day period. MobileLocation.Network’s programmatic software identified individuals who were of a certain age, fell into specified income brackets and already owned a car and then targeted them with an SMS campaign.

Because the message was relevant and of interest to the recipients, it cut through the noise of other advertising and resulted in high quality leads for Volvo.

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