Big data goes shopping

Edgars and Edgars Club, its lifestyle benefit programme, are trusted South African brands with an online audience of two million.

EdgarsAudience.Network will create a unique audience for your brand from Edgars shoppers, based on their interests and demographic profiles so that you can reach them with your products.

Audience Breakdown

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Case study: Leverage a trusted brand

Bulgari experienced the power of EdgarsAudience.Network when they launched a new fragrance, Omnia Paraiba, into the South African market. The campaign took the form of a competition that was hosted on Edgars Club’s owned media: Facebook, website, digital magazine and newsletter.

During the month that the competition ran, an audience of over 400 000 people was reached, 885 unique entries were received, with a conversion rate of 27.3% of people who opted in to receive marketing material in the future.

To target the extensive audience of Edgars shoppers, call 011 380 6500 or email