We turn big data into marketable audiences

Dot Network leverages the power of programmatic advertising to put your advertising messages in front of the people who actually want to see them.

Our automated software allows us to build databases of internet users based on their demographics, interests, location and behaviour, which means you can precisely target your ideal audience.

Whether you want to speak to business directors, fashionistas, fashionistas who are business directors, foodies, people who live within a certain distance from your business or home owners, we can find them for you.

Have a look at our portfolio to find the vertical that taps into your target market. We can also create bespoke solutions for your requirements.

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Call +27 11 380 6500 or email info@dotnetwork.network.

The most efficient media spend

Our media investment allocation ethos is the efficient frontier. This investment philosophy describes the optimal balance between risk and reward, whatever your risk profile is. That means every cent in your media budget works as hard as it possibly can, and that means more successful campaigns for you.

Our clients include

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We’re a close-knit team partnering our clients to create better digital media… from sketch to code, strategy to outcome