Big data just got simple

Know exactly who you’re speaking to with Dot Network. With the power of our big data and programmatic advertising, you can target specific audiences to meet your marketing and sales goals.

Our audiences include

Four million stylistas

Two million food lovers

133 000 high-level executives

Your customers

25 million credit active South Africans

People in your area


Bespoke groups

Call +27 11 380 6500 or email info@dotnetwork.network.

Find your audience

Dot Network is a programmatic advertising tool that leverages precise, up-to-date demographic and behavioural data about individuals so that companies can put their message in front of the right person, on the right platform, at the right time.

Extend your reach

We have pre-defined audiences of fashion and beauty lovers, foodies, and business directors. We can also build custom audiences for your exact needs.

First-party data matching allows us to create look-a-like audiences, spreading your message to people who behave like your target groups.


Campaigns run across platforms and devices, guiding audiences through the cycle of acquisition, retention and purchase, by targeting them when they are most likely to act. Campaigns can use online advertising, email, SMS or MMS, giving people messages that are relevant and of interest to them.

The efficient frontier

Real-time bidding means that your company’s message can be placed in the media space where it will be most effective, and at the optimal price. The result is campaigns that do more, in the most efficient way.

Case studies

Case studies